Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A leak in the bucket

I've recently been a little busy with school and work piling up one a top the other. The wedding day is approaching and I haven't even sent invites out for my friends. Nope I'm not good at prioritizing. Jay and I have been really busy going everywhere with things and I feel like I'm not helping at all. I wish I could just have more time to do something to help out. I guess I just need go to bed later and get up earlier, and just do it, as my Mom would say. I don't want to be one of those husbands that expects my wife to do everything around the house as well as her own things. I'll do my best to find ways to improve, that's all I can do.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Writing and it's great influence...

So I've been really busy with all my other classes and finals and blahhh, and I'm missing some of my writings for each day. I know that it really doesn't have to be that long but, 5 minutes in my life is turning out to be very pricey. As I have written more I notice that my language changes and also my writing improves from the usual texts that I send. I've seen that my papers are becoming more coherent and the paragraphs are not as choppy as they once were. I just wish that I could sit down and write masterpeices sometimes without any effort and pass my writing classes with ease. Unfortunately I'm not blessed with that gift, like some people...*cough* Jay.... :D I'm just glad I have people that have that gift in my life to help me out when it comes time to strengthen my weaknesses.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Easy does it

This last few days I've seen if I can make it through the day on very little sleep. Turns out I really can't make it that well. Last night I actually got a lot of sleep and I feel so much better. So I'm going to go to sleep earlier now and then wake up earlier, maybe that will work better. School is just about to get easier with one less class. Geology is ending and that class takes up 6 hours a week of just class time so I'll have 6 more hours to spend on Accounting (the most difficult class in my schedule). Jay and I are getting closer to our wedding day and it seems like its getting closer, but further. We'll see how long we survive before we start going crazy :D. So with all of this we just need to take it as it comes. Easy does it.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lover's day!

Wow could I have ever had a more rambunctious day. Up and down and up and down...But the good thing is that it ended on an up. Today is Valentines' day, but its a sunday and its a day set aside for the Lord so its hard to do a fancy dinner at a good restaurant, but I wish I could. We were having a hard time because was our proposed wedding day on Friday and we couldn't make it for reasons untold, but I wanted to make it as special as I could. We had a good day then and today started out on a bad note because I didn't have anything for her ( I know dumb, even though she says no she means yes). So I was in the dog house until she came to get me. She talked to me and told me how she felt. I apologized and we both felt sooooo much better. I'm so glad we have good communication, because if I didn't have that then I wouldn't get very far. We visited my bishop and he had been giving the sisters in his ward roses for Valentines' and so he just happened to have a few extras and he gave me one to give Jay. I gave her the rose and it made all the difference. So a lesson to all you guys out there don't ever, ever, EVER forget to get your special someone a special token of you affection. Happy Valentine's Day!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Never Give Up, Never Surrender

Some people may remember this quote from Galaxy Quest, Jay would being the only person that would read this, but it actually has made me think about my past few weeks. These last few weeks I've had tests just about every other day, and now, on saturday which is the only day I have free, I don't need to study for any monster tests. I scored horribly on my accounting test which really is a kick in the butt for me especially when I'm doing horribly already on my grades. Still I keep rolling with the punches and still continue to let them come as they may. I've been doing my best to study for these things and that's all I can do. I still have that little voice in the back of my head that tells me that I shouldn't be in school but for some reason I still go and take classes. I'm a little lost still as to what I can really do at school and if I'll be able to get into the program. Still when I'm in it I need to never give up and never surrender no matter how hard it gets.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Path of Progress

If you ever have seen a little child learning to walk, you've seen me at this time in my life. Success and failure are the steps and slips that we have throughout our life and the only way to reach those loving arms that are outstretched for us is to keep on walking towards them. School has been demanding and I sometimes wonder if I'm going to be able to get up after I fall with some quizes or concepts. I even have personal struggles and trials that I go through recently. I feel great and I'm doing awesome one week and I'm down and out for a few hours, but in all this I need to remember those spring flowers in the midst of winter. I'm very grateful for all of the people who help me through these tough times. Especially Jay. I try so hard to help her be happy everyday, but I'm not so happy everyday. Having a companion through tough times though makes it that much more bareable. I know how to improve I just don't put in the effort to accomplish it sometimes. I pray for help and strength everyday to become better. Even though I don't see it I'm sure I do become better, each and every day.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Starting off on the right foot.

This week I've been learning about the 'right way' to do things: write a paper, take accounting of books, set and achieve goals. I feel like Heavenly father is teaching me how to do these things now so I can use them at a later date. I've learned that sometimes I don't get the opportunity to have someone teach me what I need to know. Sometimes I need to experience it on my own and learn from it that way, but it does feel good to now how to start off right. Me and Jay just went and started rent on our future home. It felt so good to start to see our names together and actually have something we can call 'Our Place'. I'm really excited about it, and I know that sometimes its going to be tough, but it definitely is not worth it to quit. Especially if you start out on the right foot ;)